Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Signs That It’s Time

Out of the variety of systems and functions in your vehicle, the transmission system ranks among the most important. Responsible for changing the gears in your vehicle, it’s the reason why you are able to place your vehicle in “Park” and “Drive.” For manual drivers, it has the added benefit of controlling the RPMs as your vehicle picks up and loses speed. Without it, operating your vehicle becomes almost impossible.

So if your transmission runs into problems, it helps to understand the signs of malfunction. By understanding these warning signals, you can take action and bring your vehicle into our shop well before a problem gets worse. Wondering what some of these warning signs are? No worries, as the Rizzoli’s Automotive team is here to help you. Here are three signs that it’s time for a transmission repair!

Warning Lights

Fortunately for you, many vehicles are now equipped with a signal that warns drivers when the transmission system is in trouble. The signal is triggered by sensors installed in the vehicle that picks up abnormalities well before you can recognize it. A typical light you’ll see is the transmission temperature light, that indicates the transmission fluid is running hotter than normal.

Regardless of what signal you see, make sure you visit our shop as soon as possible and fix the issue before it worsens!

Fluid Inspection

Another great and inexpensive way to determine the health of your transmission is to inspect the transmission fluid using the dipstick. When inspecting the fluid you want to look for a pinkish color, which indicates the transmission fluid is healthy. If the fluid is brown and has a burnt smell to it, then the transmission fluid must be changed. Along with that, you can check the fluid level by inserting the dipstick, cleaning it, and seeing where the fluid ends. Depending on where it ends, additional fluid may be needed.

Abnormal Movement

Your vehicle’s transmission system was built to be quick and responsive. When you change gears, it should smoothly transition to the selected gear without any hesitation. If you notice an abnormal movement while shifting gears, that could be a sign of transmission problems. Automatic drivers will notice this when shifting the vehicle from “Park” to “Drive.” For manual drivers, they’ll notice this whenever they are shifting gears in their vehicle. If left unattended, this could hurt your vehicle and put you in danger!

Written by Kyle Rizzoli

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