Does Your Vehicle Need a Transmission Repair?

Short answer? Yes. The transmission system in your vehicle plays a crucial role in the overall performance. Designed to be quick and responsive, the transmission system is responsible for changing the gears in your vehicle. For automatic drivers, it’s the reason you’re able to move it forward, back, and keep it still. For manual drivers, you have the added benefit of controlling the engine’s RPMs as it gains and loses speed.

It’s safe to say that if you need a transmission repair, you should probably go get one.

Signs It’s Time for a Check-Up

Although the best way to avoid transmission problems is to have your vehicle go through a routine checkup, sometimes things can happen in between appointments. In this case, it’s important to understand the warning signs of transmission failure. Unsure of what those signs may be? Don’t worry, Rizzoli’s Automotive is here to help you. Here are three signs that it may be time for a transmission repair.

Strange Sounds

These sounds may vary based on if you own a manual or automatic transmission. If you own a manual transmission, you may hear a grinding noise when you shift gears. If you own an automatic, you may hear a buzzing or humming sound. Regardless of what transmission system you own, it’s best to bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible!

Bad Smells

If you ever smell your transmission fluid, it should have a tart or even sweet smell to it. If you smell a light or strong burning odor, then you’ll need to get your transmission fluid replaced. The fluid helps keep the transmission lubricated and if the fluid is burnt, it could mean the transmission is burning as well. Make sure you visit our shop or risk paying for an expensive transmission rebuild!

Warning Light

Many vehicle owners have vehicles that will inform them when their transmission system is in danger. Utilizing sensors within the vehicle, a light will be triggered if the computer system detects a problem with your transmission. A typical signal is the transmission temperature light, which informs you that your transmission fluid is running hot. Regardless of what light is triggered on your vehicle, it’s best to visit our shop as soon as possible!

Written by Kyle Rizzoli

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