Why Transmissions Fail

Do you need transmission repair in San Luis Obispo, California? Or maybe you are just wondering what to prepare for in case your vehicle’s transmission ever fails. Rizzoli’s Automotive has created a list of common transmission problems and the services you can get to prevent them to help you better understand the gear shifting mechanism in your vehicle. For further information and tips to keep your car in top condition, contact our experts!

  1. Transmission Fluid Leak
  2. Physical signs of damage, such as a leak, are an obvious sign of problems in the transmission system. If a visual inspection finds red-colored fluid leaking from the drain plug or seal between the transmission and engine, that means the system is not operating as it should. Leaks cause permanent damage, which is why regular check-ups are essential. Let a professional check and change your vehicle’s transmission fluid!

  3. Clogged Transmission Fluid Filter
  4. The transmission fluid filter keeps the fluid clean. When it gets clogged, it may not allow the proper amount of fluid to pass through or it may not effectively remove contaminants to protect the quality of the fluid. When fluid does not circulate properly, the transmission may overheat or even fail completely. Neither outcome makes for a simple repair. Getting regular fluid checks and changes will keep the fluid itself in top condition. Include a filter change to protect performance for miles to come.

  5. Poor Driving Habits
  6. Drivers themselves may be causing transmission problems in their cars without realizing it. Certain driving habits take a heavy toll on the transmission. “Jack-rabbit” starts and late braking may cause a transmission to overheat, causing damage. The abuse from aggressive driving causes excessive wear on transmission parts. Consider adopting smoother shifting habits to protect your transmission.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your vehicle? Contact the experts at Rizzoli’s Automotive in San Luis Obispo, California! Our technicians would be happy to share their knowledge with you! We help our drivers protect their vehicles.

Written by Kyle Rizzoli

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