Touch Free Service Options

San Luis Obispo & Santa Maria, CA

Our 24/7 Quick Drop Off & Pick Up is a great TOUCH FREE option to drop off or pick up your vehicle any day at any time! & It’s FAST, EASY and fits YOUR schedule! Click here to view short videos of this service.


In SAN LUIS OBISPO the Quick Drop is located on the front of the building facing Victoria Avenue. 

In SANTA MARIA the Quick Drop is located on the front of the building next to the first roll up door. 

  • Park your vehicle in one of the designated Quick Drop parking spots
  • Fill out and SIGN Quick Drop Envelope – located inside the pull down box
  • Remove your house key and personal items from car
  • Lock your car
  • Place your keys in envelope and seal, put in Key Drop
  • Call the Service Department to let them know your keys are in the drop box and to confirm services needed.

If you drop off after business hours, the Service Department will give you a call the next business day.


  • Your vehicle will be parked in a designated 24/7 Quick Drop off & Pick up parking spot at the front of the building.
  • The secure KEY KIOSK is located below the 24/7 Quick Drop Box
  • The Service Department will provide you with a unique 4 digit code to access your keys.

Concierge Service

Would you like to get your car serviced without leaving your home or office? Our Concierge vehicle pick up and delivery service  is a great option! With this service we will pick your vehicle up from your home or office then deliver the vehicle back when the services are completed. All communication and payments are done over the phone, completely Touch Free and you never have to leave the house or take time away from work. Some restrictions apply, please call the service department for details and to schedule this service.  

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