Reviews in Santa Maria, CA

What Customers Are Saying

Rizzoli’s Automotive is a professional shop that does quality work. The staff is very friendly and informative about your car needs. They are thorough and explain the work needed and priorities. I am a car guy and knew what my BMW needed and they did not oversell or perform unnecessary work. BMW’s and European cars are expensive to repair and maintain so don’t expect cheap work on your expensive car. Rizzoli’s will definitely be less expensive than a dealer. I felt like Rizzoli’s was a fair price for outstanding/ top notch work and trustworthy.

First time going to Rizzoli’s Automotive. I was impressed at how thorough their service is. Their inspections give a complete review of the car. The Santa Maria facility is very clean and well-kept. It is easy to see they take a lot of pride in their work and maintaining a clean, well-organized shop. The staff is very friendly, courteous and customer service oriented.

These guys are awesome. I have a BMW, and they do a great job fixing it and maintaining it. They aren’t out looking to squeeze every dollar out of my pocket. BMW’s are expensive cars to maintain, and Rizzoli’s does their best to keep the cost within reason. I love that they wash the car each time it goes in for service too.

I purchased my Volvo new in 2000 and liked the car so much I wanted to find a service company that cared about what I had to say and cared about making sure my vehicle got the best maintenance ! 18 years later, my Rizzoli’s guys have assured me, by their expertise, that my car and I are being well taken care of. I remember saying “all I want to do is put gas in it – and go”. This automotive service company is THE BEST ! Thank you for being thorough and listening – here’s to 18 more years ! !

The people at the reception desk are so wonderful! I got my 90,000 mile checkup a couple months ago and they were great to deal with. I have a 2005 Honda Element that I love! I’m sure they would rather fix the BMWs or other cool cars, but I was treated with respect – if you love your car, we do to! My latest problem was the auto window part broke, they looked up my service record and the part was still under warranty, even paying nothing for the repair, they were fabulous to deal with!